Technology & AI in Engineering Project

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Course Description

Efficient technical project management tools and expertise are crucial to the delivery of every engineering project. Engineering Project Management incorporates all aspects of an engineering project over a specified time to deliver on a defined determined scope of work.  It involves the management of time, budget and predefined scope of work and expertise/skillset.  Engineering Project Management is no different, in that and employs many of the same principles and methodologies applied in various other industries.

The growth in use, capabilities, and availability of Engineering Project Management software and Artificial intelligence has increase and driven efficiencies over the years. This become an interlinked tool essential, for efficient project management practices, such that software are now being designed specifically for engineering practices and in various industries. With each industry having its preferred suite of AI tools that they utilise.

This course will introduce Engineering Project Management best practices, highlighting the various aspects of engineering project management and control mechanisms. The program will also discuss how to select the best project management software for the ongoing projects, working culture and deliverables.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Project Management and Engineering Project Management
  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Software applications in Engineering Project Management
  • Engineering Project design and Project Management Methodologies
  • Various aspects of Project management software applications and their capabilities
    • Budget and budget control – Capital and Operating Expenditure (CAPEX & OPEX)
    • Scheduling and Time management
    • Works scope and deliverables management
    • Team management and Workflow
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • Integration
    • Quality control, management and inspection
    • Site Supervision
    • Engineering phase management
  • Examples of General Project Management Software
  • E&P Project management software