Case Studies / Projects

Client: Department of Petroleum Resources Nigeria (DPR)

E&P Unitization Guideline & Regulation Review

DPR LogoThe Nigerian Upstream Regulatory Commission (NUPR) (formerly Nigeria DPR) a longstanding client of ours, requested that we review the E&P Unitization Guidelines for Nigeria which govern all exploration and production operations in the country.

This was an involving project which included over 10 international and indigenous oil companies (over 100 persons) with producing concessions both green and brown.

We provided our expertise taking into account the technical, political and administrative perspectives of operations within the region to produce a revised version of the Guidelines – the final version of which was published by the Nigeria DPR in 2020.

Client: Nigeria NNPC NAPIMS

Oil and Gas E&P Cash Call

NNPCIn 2010 PETROCONSULT ENERGY UK designed a bespoke workshop & consulting programme aimed at the largest petroleum producer in Africa, Nigeria.

The investment arm of the National Oil Company (NNPC NAPIMS) has sought our expertise on this subject on an ongoing annual basis to assist their JV operation and continues to do so. 

The modified version of this service which incorporates Incorporated Joint Ventures (IJV) is also being provided to our other clients worldwide on a smaller scale.

The content of this training program content coupled with its specific workshop delivery mode remains uniquely ours.

The E&P JV Cash Call Training/Consulting service continues to evolve as it is tailored and adapted to our Clients’ unique Operational environment and E&P Contract types and scenarios.

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Ministry of Petroleum and Mining Kenya

Training – E&P Cost Auditing

Kenya Ministry Of OilIn 2022 We recently successfully executed a training and consulting programme on Oil & Gas Accounting & Cost Auditing for the Kenyan Ministry of Energy at our training facilities.