Client Reviews

It was very Interesting to find out more about Water Treatment Equipment, their characteristics along with cost effect of water treatment and injection via case studies.
Regulatory Compliance Engineer
Budget & Budgeting – It was interesting to realise how Vision – Mission cascades all the way to budget and JV Cash Call.
Planning Officer – Cash Call
The training gave attention to the technicalities of unitization and the importance of cultivating good relationship with government regulators. I also found helpful the importance of giving due attention when generating a water tight PUO giving attention to the Legal aspects of each.
SEPLAT Petroleum Dev Company (Nigeria)
We enjoyed the quality of delivery of the workshop.
Addax Petroleum (Nigeria) Ltd
Field Engineer
Oil & Gas Fiscal Policy & Contract Types – it is quite interesting to know how governments utilize in the instrumentality of the fiscal system to work in the interest of their nations.
Pillar Oil Ltd Petroleum (Nigeria)
Engineering Manager
E&P Budgeting exercise & Strategic Planning – I enjoyed the hands on feel of budgeting and the understanding of diverse considerations for strategic planning.
Deputy Mgr. Cash Call Coordination NAPIMS Gas Division