Oil & Gas Engineering Project Management Workshop [Virtual]

Category: Production Facilities Engineering

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Course Description:

This technical workshop is designed and intended as an interactive program aimed at increasing the knowledge of attendees in planning, executing and supervising contractor service companies working on complex projects in the upstream sector of the petroleum industry.

The program comprises analysis of project environment in terms of local and international environment, project technical evaluation in terms of feasibility and engineering, project financial appraisal, and project objectives appreciation. It also examines work breakdown into project phases, resourcing and resource management as well as risk analysis and control.

The importance of meeting targets and progress reporting, in order to assess performance are key parts of the program.

The training will be conducted in a classroom setting with case studies from both onshore and offshore projects some of which we have had the opportunity to supervise and /or to be part of the contract awarding and management company.

Similarly, we would simulate the work project site /environment through the use of video films to enhance understanding while practical know-how will be assisted through assignments and class exercises.

The sessions are usually conducted in a workshop setting, with participants required to work as members of project teams and with the teams assigned different project tasks / objectives.

Course Contents:

The following are expected to be covered during the five day program:

  1. Introduction to project management
    • Project types in the E & P industry
    • The Importance of communication
    • Appropriate communication process development for projects
    • Objectives of Project Management
    • Project Plans and Assumptions
    • Project Execution Plan (PEP)
  2. Project Economics (An Overview)
    • Economic Appraisal of Projects
    • Lenders Expectation during Project Execution
  3. Project structuring And Scheduling
    • Work breakdown structures (WBS)
    • Procedure Networks, Critical Path Network & Gantt Charts
    • Project Milestones
    • Establishing Project Methodology

  1. Project Resources & Procurement Management
    • Resources Availability & Limitations
    • Resources Procurement Planning & Cost/Benefit Analysis e.g. Make or Buy Decisions, Vendor Appraisal
    • Project Management & Personnel Management

  1. Project Risk Evaluation & Management
    • Risk identification, evaluation and management plans
    • Financial, Operational, (Pre-completion and Post-completion risks)
    • Establishing Control Processes

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  1. Project Execution & Reporting
    • Proactive management
    • Monitoring & Reporting Actual Tasks and Progress
    • Re-planning to achieve objectives
    • Planned Vs Actual Performance Management

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers
  • Officers and Managers who have responsibility for, or are being groomed for project supervisory positions
  • Technical officers working as part of project management teams

5 day program