Natural Gas Tarrif & Pricing

Category: Liquefied Natural Gas

Upcoming Dates

7 - 11 Oct 2024London
25 - 29 Nov 2024Dubai

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Specify your Country of Interest£3,450 + VAT




Natural gas remains a preferred fossil fuel, and national industrial development is often accelerated wherever natural gas is available and rightly priced.

Despite being a prolific energy source of energy, it is nonetheless in competition with other sources of energy particularly with the increasing surge in alternative energy utilization.

It is therefore imperative that natural gas pricing mechanism is understood and rationally applied and deployed.

This programme will impart knowledge designed to be applicable to the domestic market and current natural gas commercial operations in the specified country of interest.


Course Content:

  1. Natural Gas Production and Composition – an Overview
  2. The Natural Gas Chain
  3. Summary of Gas Markets
  4. Overview of Gas Distribution Tariffs
  5. Physical Markets and Market Structure
  6. Structuring the Local Market
  7. Legislative and Fiscal Policy Formulation
  8. Commercial Analysis of Regional and Local Gas Market examples
  9. Gas Pricing Framework
  10. Gas Distribution Tariff – The Future Outlook

Who should attend – Commercial Officers, Government personnel, engineers, lawyers, planning officers, accountants