Natural Gas Business Management

Category: Liquefied Natural Gas

Upcoming Dates

14 - 18 Oct 2024Dubai

Course Fee

£4,250 + VAT


Course Description:

This programme involves both legal and commercial technicalities of natural gas trading. The natural gas business is managed differently from crude oil or indeed any other energy commodity.

Driving forward the natural gas market and gas trading business through effective management and optimal revenue generation is the goal and critical objective of the sector and this requires technical management know-how.

This comprehensive programme is designed to include in-class teaching, case studies, and hands-on exercises, thereby simulating real life situations which will cement attendees’ practical and hands-on knowledge and skills.

Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of natural gas.

At the end of this course, participants will be fully cognisant of the technical details and acquire top level knowledge required for effective management of natural gas business.

This program will benefit all senior to management level staff of departments responsible for trading natural gas.

Course Content:

  1. Technical Nature & Applications of Natural Gas:
  • Occurrence
  • Technical Composition
  • Applications
  1. International Nature of Natural Gas Business:
  • Commercialization of Natural Gas
  • Forms of Natural Gas
  • Competition With Other Fuels
  • Natural Gas Trading in Relation to LNG Trading
  1. Natural Gas Sales & Marketing:
  • Legal Aspects of Natural Gas Marketing
  • Commercial Considerations in Natural Gas Marketing
  • Technical Issues Impacting Natural Gas Trading
  • Natural Gas Global Trading & Trade Hubs
  1. Legal Issues:
  • Legal Framework for Gas Sales & Purchase Agreements (SPA)
  • Regulatory Framework: National, Regional & International.
  • Legal Issues in Gas Transportation
  • Issues of Jurisdiction in International Gas Trading
  1. Other Critical Commercial Issues in Gas Trading:
  • Gas Pricing Models: European, Asian, Far East & North American Pricing Models.
  • Gas Price Risk Mitigation.
  • Key Commercial Issues in Natural Gas Trading:
    • Take or Pay
    • Gas Quality & Implications
    • Long Term Contract Design
    • Other Trading Options – Spot Markets & Spot Trading, Futures Trading.
    • Gas Supply Concepts: Supply Congestion Management, Third Party Access (TPA) & Regimes, Network Codes & Codes Processes.

Who Should Attend?

  • All Senior Staff involved in the management of Gas Business in any of the following Technical, Commercial, Legal, Finance & Accounts Depts.
  • All Management Staff in all of the above departments
  • All Senior & Management Staff of non-gas divisions/departments of an organisation but wishing to know or required to know as prerequisite for staff mobility within the organisation including engineers.