E&P Strategic Corporate Portfolio Management

Category: Commerce, Economics & Management

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23 - 27 Sep 2024Client Location / LondonOnly on Request

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  1. Oil & Gas (E&P) Business complexity
    • Gaining Access to Oil & Gas Hydrocarbon Reserves: the Complexities.
    • Regional Peculiarities in Reservoir Prospect Acquisition
    • Risk Diversification & Industry Philosophy for Reserves Acquisition
  1. Exploration & Operational Business Complexity
    • Sub-Surface Risk & Uncertainty &
    • Risk Quantification: Petroleum Risk & Decision Analysis – Use of Decision Tree & EMV
    • Reservoir Appraisal & Quantification
    • Complexities of Field Development: Critical Development Issues including No. Of Wells, gathering and storage facilities,
    • Ranking of Possible Development Projects Using EMV for Project Selection
  2. Business Development Plan Analysis
    • Projects Cashflow Analysis (DCF/NPV & IRR) for Project Ranking
    • Sensitivity Analysis of Project Cashflows.
    • Non- Technical Issues in Business Plan Development
  3. Risk Diversification in Portfolio Management
    • Critical Risk Issues in Portfolio Rationalization
    • Managing Corporate Portfolio through Strategic Acquisition & Divestment
    • Marginal Field Concept and Portfolio Risk Management
  4. Economic Evaluation of Producing Assets
    • Production Maintenance in a Declining Asset: the Business /Commercial Aspects for Economic Decision Making.
    • Best Practice for – Work Program & Budget Development for Economic Portfolio Management
    • Best practice for –  FDP for Green fields and maturing field
    • Corporate Investment Plan Development Based on Portfolio Management Rationalization.

**Exercises & Case Studies