Digitalization & Technology in the Oil & Gas Industry

Category: Commerce, Economics & Management

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Essentially, digitalization simply refers to employment of digital technologies to drive changes in petroleum industry business model such that improved productivity and efficiency will translate into new services and higher levels of revenue.

Digitalization can also translate into decentralization while giving rise to value-producing opportunities in energy transition.

The world has changed since the emergence of Big data & Big data Analytics.

Recent technological advances of internet and artificial intelligence have also contributed to massive digitization in the way businesses are managed and the petroleum industry is not an exception.

The above is the reason for the design of this program that examines in great depth the types of digitization, drivers of digitization in the petroleum industry and the challenges of digitization in the oil & gas industry.

The program emphasizes digitization and digitalization as necessary for better business modeling & decision making.

Course Content:

  1. Digitization & Digitalization, the difference.
  2. Big data & Big data management
    • Data generation & sources of Big data
    • Big data storage & security
    • Big data & data mining
    • Different shades of data
  1. Big data utilization in the oil & gas industry
  1. Digital technology & the oil & gas industry
    • Global data collection from petroleum assets
    • Real time-informed operational decision
    • Artificial intelligence & automation
    • Electronic monitoring & Internet of things – Pipeline monitoring, internet enabled sensors etc.
    • 3D Virtual modelling of drone technology
    • Enhanced seismic data through data analytics
  1. Benefits of Digitalization in the petroleum industry
    • Robotics process & Automation
    • Supply chain automation
    • Offshore drilling & Assets monitoring through drones
    • Cost reduction
  1. Automated Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) Applications in the petroleum industry:
    • Training
    • Maintenance
  1. Implication of Blockchain: A digital technology impacting oil & gas industry.
    • Blockchain: what is it? Types of Blockchain,
    • Blockchain application in oil & Gas industry
    • Transaction security
    • Accuracy & operational data, Assets Monitoring
    • Challenges of Blockchain, e.g., Crude oil contracts & deals management through digital transactions

What Attendee Will Learn

  1. Basics of digitization
  2. Difference between digitization & digitalization
  3. Big data fundamentals, Applications, Advantages & Disadvantages
  4. Impact of the Internet of Things on the petroleum industry and how to take advantage of it.
  5. Clear understanding of Blockchain as a secure special data base system.
  6. Types of Blockchain.
  7. Use of Blockchains for crude oil marketing operations
  8. Benefit of digitalization in the petroleum industry.