Crude Oil Shipping & Marketing Operations Module 1 [Virtual]

Category: Commerce, Economics & Management

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Course Description:

This course is designed to improve the hands-on know-how of participants whose functions have to do with crude oil shipping in whatever form. It has been designed for practical purposes; particularly to draw knowledge from more experienced people in the global industry. The combination of crude oil marketing and shipping operations in a single course underpins the relevance of comprehensive understanding of the critical phases in the logistics of selling and safe delivery of crude oil parcels globally. The inclusion of a visit to Lloyds’ office and possibly to the London Exchange where crude oil is traded daily also brings to bear the practical nature of the program.

Course Contents:

1. Overview of World Oil Markets

  • Crude Oil Supply and Demand
  • OPEC and Non-OPEC Supply & Strategies
  • Issues & Projections for the Future
Image 002
World Demand
Image 003b
OPEC and Non OPEC World Supply

2. Crude Oil Physical Characteristics, Classifications & Specifications.

3. Pricing

  • Underlying Pricing Mechanism
  • Fixed & Floating Prices
  • Contango & Backwardation
Image 004b
Image 005b

4. Crude Oil Markets

  • The Regional Markets
  • Forward Paper Contracts
  • Long Term Oil Markets: Participants, Market Liquidity, Contractual Issues,
  • Using Long term Derivatives

4. Hedging

  • Purpose of Hedging
  • Hedging Instruments
  • Hedging Strategies
  • Pure Futures & Options

6. The Futures Market: Speculation and Arbitrage

7. Crude Oil Purchase and Sales Contract Negotiation & Documentation

Who Should Attend?

  • Crude Oil Shipping Coordinators / Supervisors
  • Crude Oil /Gas Marketers, Corporate Planners
  • Finance & Accounts Staff, Officer in charge of Revenue Accounting
  • Commercial Officers, Business Development Staff, Security Managers