Corporate Governance & Joint Venture (JV) Relations Under Production Sharing Contract (PSC)

Category: Commerce, Economics & Management

Upcoming Dates

24 - 28 Jun 2024LondonOnly on Request
15 - 19 Jul 2024LondonOnly on Request

Course Fee

£3,850 + VAT

Course Description:

This programme has been designed with the legal, operations, accounting, financial, commercial and fiscal regimes of an oil and gas operating company in view.

Corporate Governance and Fiscal regimes have a direct impact economic outlook of corporations and governments both in terms of financial returns to corporations and revenue generation for host governments particularly through tax revenue.

This programme will enable and enrich the understanding of how host government’s fiscal policy impacts on the economics of oil & gas exploration and production (exploitation) and how that in turn affects the oil companies’ choice of strategies, structure and Governance within the overarching contract.

At the end of this course attendants will have a clear understanding of the management of the Corporate Governance of their Incorporated Joint Venture under the PSC rules of the host country.

In addition, the participants will gain knowledge of Joint Venture Partners relations and management incorporated under the ‘Shareholders’ Agreement’ and other Corporate Governance Policy issues under IJV operations.

This technical programme is designed to train staff of various petroleum investment management and regulatory organisations, be they operators or non-operators on how best to supervise and indeed manage IJV operations and financials more effectively.


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