Oil & Gas Contract Negotiations

Category: Commerce, Economics & Management

Upcoming Dates

5 - 7 Aug 2024LondonUpstream
2 - 4 Sep 2024LondonMidstream/Downstream

Course Fee

2.5 days£2,000 + VAT

Course content:

  • Understanding how to outline of negotiation plan, schedule & resource requirements
  • Develop and outline the recommended negotiation Plan & Strategy
  • Outline outcome alternatives – acceptable/desirable alternatives to the negotiation outcomes
  • Detailed Negotiation Strategy & Plan
  • The role of social and cultural norms in negotiation strategy
  • How to conduct the negotiations
    • Negotiation teams and individual roles
    • Negotiation best practices
    • Establishment and implementation of communications and schedule of contract negotiations

** Participants will have the chance practice how to negotiate various scenarios in-class