Competence Assessor Training and Certification

Category: Commerce, Economics & Management

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Course Fee

£3,750 + VAT


For attendance on the Competence Assessor Training Programme; delegates must provide evidence that they have access to a minimum of two candidates when undertaking an assessment process in their workplace.


Elements of training

The training consists of the following modules and elements:


Module 1       Introduction to Assessment

1.1 Introduction to competence assessment

1.2 Evidence sources


Module 2       Planning and carrying out the Assessment      

2.1       Assessment    Planning

2.2       Collecting and evaluating evidence and making the assessment decision


Module 3       Feedback and Record Keeping   

3.1       Recording assessment decisions

3.2       Providing feedback



Delegates to complete a 60-minute open book written test, in an invigilated environment, testing the underpinning knowledge of theory Learning  Outcomes 1 – 15 of the Competence Assessor Training Standard.

  1. Roles and responsibilities of Assessors and Internal Verifiers
  2. The reasons for having competence systems in the workplace
  3. Assessment-related terminology
  4. The value of different evidence sources
  5. How to advise candidates during the planning meeting
  6. The methods of assessment and when best to use each type
  7. The importance of consistency in assessment decisions
  8. Record keeping requirements
  9. How to maintain confidential information
  10. How to deal with special requirements relating to candidate’s needs
  11. How to deal with disputes and appeals
  12. Why the assessment plan should be updated to reflect progress
  13. Where and when to provide feedback that motivates the candidate
  14. How assessments are quality assured
  15. The importance of involving candidates in the appropriate assessment planning process