Commercialization Industrialization & Economics Of Domestic Natural Gas [Virtual]

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Course Description:

The domestic utilization of natural gas by most developing gas producers has remained problematic and daunting for years. Natural gas is the modern fuel for industrialization, yet the desire to industrialize remains unachieved despite the abundance of this fuel.

What to do and how best to approach this fundamental problem is at the very heart of this course. The course sets out to highlight the best ways to analyse, natural gas commercialization in order to bring about the desired industrialization for producer nations.

We have researched the technical and commercial aspects of natural gas and designed this course in order to provide an insight into gas sector of the petroleum industry on an international, regional and local basis.

The program highlights what the national and regional governments or states could do, and how they can be involved in terms of technical, fiscal and legislative issues that can the various opportunities available for a gas based economy. This is a five day program that will challenge the very thoughts of policy makers as well as the technically inclined.

Course Contents:

  1. Natural Gas Production & Composition: an overview
  2. The Natural Gas Chain
  3. Summary of Gas Markets
  4. Physical Markets & Market Structure
  5. Structuring the Local Market
  6. Commercial Analysis of Regional & Local Gas Market
  7. Local Gas Market Development – Key Components of Boosting
  8. Domestication
  9. Gas Pricing Framework
  10. Legislative & Fiscal Policy Formulation
  11. Pipeline Network & Unbundling

Who Should Attend?

Planning Officers, Commercial Officers, Accountants, Engineers, Lawyers and New Business Development Dept Staff.

5 day program