Advanced Petroleum Industry Executive Management

Category: Commerce, Economics & Management

Upcoming Dates

2 - 6 Dec 2024Client Location / London

Course Fee

£3,950 + VAT



The petroleum industry is constantly changing both in terms of technological advancement and operations.

This seemingly ‘unsettled’ environment has always been the driver for the industry’s management development. The kind of challenges we face are never the same over time and the rapidity of such changes are rather peculiar to our industry.

This program explores advanced ways and means that strengthen industry top management’s ability not only to adapt to these changes but to drive their organisations forwards achieving their corporate goals and objectives despite the challenges.

The program is designed to draw from the successes and failures of different oil and gas companies thereby providing insights into the following broad areas covered by this program.

      • Changing Roles of National Oil Companies (NOC)
      • Key New challenges for NOCs & IOCs
      • Increasing competitive positioning Alay the Petroleum Industry Value Chain
      • Research & Development: A New Paradigm shift

Course Content

  1. Petroleum Industry Cultural Contract Inventory
    • National (Resource- Rich State) Cultural Orientation
    • National Vs. Producing Communities Expectations & Objectives
    • Cultural Assumptions: the Pitfalls
  1. Critical Performance Related Petroleum Industry Leadership Skills
    • Gross-cultural Communication
    • Strategy Development & Execution
    • Decision Making Process & Decision Taking
    • Financial Performance Management
  1. Human Capital Development
    • Identifying High- Flyers
    • Developing Next Generation of Business Leaders (in Management)
    • Avoiding Pitfalls in Same Appraisal Techniques & Processes
  1. The Next Phase of Challenges for Petroleum Industry Executive Management & Leaders
    • Next Demanding Phase of Globalization
    • Disruptive Technology
    • Increasing Macro-Economic Uncertainty
  1. The Future of Crude Oil, Natural Gas & Competing Alternatives
    • What & when is Peak Oil?
    • Peak Oil & Your National Energy Policy
    • Petroleum Industry & the Energy Industry Option: the Way Forward