Oil & Gas Surface Production & Field Processing

Category: Production Facilities Engineering

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5 days£3,250 + VAT


Course Objective: To provide attendees with in-depth process & production engineering knowledge related to surface facilities production optimization, with focus on multiphase flow.

Program: The course explores provides in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas production processing stage E&P operations. It covers the chemical aspects, the technological choices, the processing operations, and the multiphase flow assurance issues. The main topics addressed are:

  • Production Chemistry
  • Overview of E&P Operations
  • Crude Oil Classifications and Specifications
  • Phase separation of gas, oil and water
  • Fluid behaviour
  • Fluid properties
  • Overview of Oil & Gas Field Processing Operations
  • Oil & Gas Production Facilities and Equipment
  • Water Treatment Processes
  • Water Treatment Equipment
  • Oil & Gas Processing Equipment
  • Specifications and generalities of treatment installations.
  • Elementary processes: gas dehydration, oil treatment and gas sweetening, condensate recovery and condensate fractioning.
  • Production equipment: separators, towers, compressors, prime movers, heat exchangers

Who Should Attend: Production Operation Engineers, Operations Technical Support Engineers; Planning & Scheduling Engineers: Production Superintendents; Senior Operators; Project Engineers