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Training & Staff Development Services:

As training providers for the staff of major International Oil & Gas Exploration & Production, covering petroleum pipeline, petroleum taxation, crude oil marketing and much more. We also provide training for Producing Companies, LNG Companies and the staff of National/State-Owned Oil and Gas companies worldwide.

We have expanded our training program scope with courses based on client’s needs. Not only do we train in petroleum pipeline, petroleum taxation, crude oil marketing and general Oil & Gas Exploration but we have expanded to include:

  • Offshore production & subsea systems workshop
  • Drillings engineering & well completion practices
  • Petroleum prospects play assessment & evaluation
  • Water treatment & injection in oil & gas production

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Venue: Petroconsult Training Centre London, UK.

Training for less than 10 participants are conducted at our modern training suites; while we use venues in the city of London for programs with more than 10 participants.

Date: As indicated under each course

Courses On Request: Click Here (Subject to our Terms & Conditions)

Venue & Date: As may be agreed with the client.

Specially Designed/Customized:

We are capable of providing tailor made programs to suit our clients’ needs, as we work together in developing the kind of programs their training needs suggest.

Consultancy Services:

We offer the following consultancy services:

  • National Petroleum Policy Development Services.
  • Oil & Gas Reserves Estimates Verification.
  • Oil & Gas Investment Projects Economic Appraisal.
  • Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs), Purchase Sales Intermediation.
  • Contract Labour Supply
  • Joint Venture Partners and Production Sharing Contract (PSC) Contractor’s Exploration & Production Costs Verification.
  • Verification of Petroleum Revenue Tax (PRT), Petroleum Profit Tax, Hydrocarbon Tax and Corporation Tax Payable by Oil Companies to Host Governments.
  • Our services in payable tax verification have proven to be very useful in reducing tax avoidance (by oil companies), and in increasing host governments’ petroleum tax revenue.
  • Economic & Financial Feasibility & Viability surveys & Analysis for all types of Oil & Gas (petroleum) and other energy Projects for international oil companies as well as government ministries, depts., parastotals & agencies.

Advisory Services:

  1. Petroconsult Energy offers Advisory Services in Oil & Gas (Petroleum, Exploration & Production) Fiscal Policy formulation to National Oil Companies and Government Ministries, Departments & Agency.
  2. We also advise governments on Crude Oil and Natural Gas Sales & Marketing Contracts Negotiation Including Commercial Gas Pricing (Tariff) Frameworks for Domestic Gas Utilisation.
  3. We represent National Oil Companies at Fiscal Policy and Exploration & Production Contract Bidding & Bid Analysis Sessions.

Project Management:

Our Project Management Services is preoccupied on the vast experiences of our partners in most types of projects in the petroleum industry. They have worked for a number of international oil companies & specialised services companies and have been involved (hands-on) in a good number of oil & gas industry projects including:

  • Pipeline projects (Oil & Gas)
  • Flow Stations installations
  • Tank Form Construction Civil
  • Civil Engineering Agencies (Building, Bridges & Roads)
  • Field Development projects
  • Facilities Engineering Projects

Procurement & Supply Chain Services:

Our services have expanded to include engineering procurement services. Our Procurement department supplies a wide range of engineering Tools/Equipment/Accessories/Chemical product supply services to oil & gas companies located around the world.

Procurement End User Base

In this regard, our services geared are towards:

  • International Oil & Gas companies(IOC)
  • National State oil companies (NOC)

Client Sources

Petroconsult has built and maintained tenuous relationships with a vast range of manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and registered distributors of numerous tools, spares, equipment and engineering products.

We are recognized by manufacturers and distributors in the US and Europe alike, as reliable and trustworthy to directly supply their products as vendors to Exploration & Production end users.

Petroconsult sources internationally and from the best suitable source for all active procurement items. We are in direct contact with all manufacturers and distributors to provide first hand information on pertinent product information.

Water Treatments Services:

Technical Training

  • Water Treatment and Injection in Oil & Gas Production

Consulting & Project Management

  • Water Production & Treatment Project management
  • Sand removal, separators/collection vessels, Deoiling & Desanding Hydro cyclones, Produced Water Polishing, Solids cleaning, Floatation etc.
  • Water Treatment Systems and Processing Equipment Design

 E&P Upstream Consultancy:

Upstream Acquisition and Divestment 
Our petroleum acquisition and divestment services include:  

  • Access to Capital
  • Competent Persons Report
  • Strategy Advisory
  • Reserves Certification
  • Performance Improvement and Optimisation post deal
  • Technical Expert Services
  • Commercial Negotiation
  • Asset Management

Please contact us to discuss your M&A and JV needs as they may be.

Reservoir Evaluation/Assessment and Management Service

Our Reservoir Asset Evaluation and Management services are adjustable for various asset sizes and budgets. We provide integrated studies at various stages of green and brown field projects which include:

  • Reserves Estimation
  • Reservoir Characterization & Geomodelling
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Field Development plan proposal
  • Economic Analysis

In pursuit of the above:

  • We operate a hands on approach which ensures that clients have direct access to all senior technical consultants involved in their projects, and are kept an active part of the workflow.
  • We work towards client deadlines with precision, accuracy and technical prowess

Reservoir Evaluation Software Training

We realize client need for tutorials and refresher courses at different levels and stages.

Our consulting team is on-hand to provide software training and workshops in the below using PETREL and ECLIPSE:

  • Reserves Estimation
  • Reservoir Characterization & Geomodelling
  • Reservoir simulation

These tutorials can be streamlined to target groups of: Geoscientists, Petrophysicists and Engineers.

Please contact us to discuss your software training needs as they may be.