Procurement & Supply Chain Services

Our services have expanded to include engineering procurement services. Our Procurement department supplies a wide range of engineering Tools/Equipment/Accessories/Chemical product supply services to oil & gas companies located around the world.

Procurement End User Base

In this regard, our services geared are towards:

  • International Oil & Gas companies(IOC)
  • National State oil companies (NOC)

Client Sources

Petroconsult has built and maintained tenuous relationships with a vast range of manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and registered distributors of numerous tools, spares, equipment and engineering products.

We are recognized by manufacturers and distributors in the US and Europe alike, as reliable and trustworthy to directly supply their products as vendors to Exploration & Production end users.

Petroconsult sources internationally and from the best suitable source for all active procurement items. We are in direct contact with all manufacturers and distributors to provide first hand information on pertinent product information.