E&P Upstream Consultancy

Upstream Acquisition and Divestment

Our petroleum acquisition and divestment services include:  

  • Access to Capital
  • Competent Persons Report
  • Strategy Advisory
  • Reserves Certification
  • Performance Improvement and Optimisation post deal
  • Technical Expert Services
  • Commercial Negotiation
  • Asset Management

Please contact us to discuss your M&A and JV needs.

Reservoir Evaluation/Assessment and Management Service

Our Reservoir Asset Evaluation and Management services are adjustable for various asset sizes and budgets. We provide integrated studies at various stages of green and brown field projects which include:

  • Reserves Estimation
  • Reservoir Characterization & Geomodelling
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Field Development plan proposal
  • Economic Analysis

In pursuit of the above:

  • We operate a hands on approach which ensures that clients have direct access to all senior technical consultants involved in their projects, and are kept an active part of the workflow.
  • We work towards client deadlines with precision, accuracy and technical prowess

Corporate Training

We realize client need for tutorials and refresher courses at different levels and stages.

We offer Corporate Training on training to meet you In-house training needs

Please contact us to discuss your training and consultancy requirements:  resgrp@petrocosultenergy.co.uk