Course Bank

Accounting & Finance Programs Commerce, Economics & Managemen Programs
Liquefied Natural Gas Programs Production Facilities Engineering Programs
Explorations & Production Programs Petroleum Engineering & Production Programs

Accounting & Finance Programs:

Financial Management & International Taxation For Multinational Operations In Oil & Gas Business International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for The Petroleum Industry
Oil & Gas (E&P) Joint Venture Cash Call Workshop Oil & Gas Accounting & Finance for Non-Finance Professionals
Oil & Gas Accounting & Finance Modules 1 & 2 Petroleum Taxation Computation in JV & PSC Contract Types
Petroleum Industry Financial Analysis Workshop Taxes & Tax Regime Systems & Procedures in the Oil & Gas Industry

Commerce, Economics & Management Programs:

Biofuels Energy Industry Workshop  International E&P Unitization Process
Commercialization Industrialization & Economics of Domestic Natural Gas Cost Recovery Mechanism Under Production Sharing Contract & Service Contract Module 1 & 2
Crude Oil Marketing and Cost Recovery Mechanism in Oil & Gas Crude Oil & LNG Shipping Operations
Crude Oil Marketing & Shipping Operations Module 1   &  Module 2 (Crude Oil Terminalling Operations) Executive Management Practices for Petroleum Resources Development
Engineering & Materials Contract Management Economic Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA)
FPSO Engineering, Construction & Contract Management Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Investment, Commercial & Marketing Fundamentals
Legal Framework in the Oil, Natural Gas & LNG Industry Oil & Gas Business Development & Management Executive Training
Oil & Gas Corporate Business Plan Development Oil & Gas Engineering Materials and Services Contract & Supply Chain Management
Oil & Gas E&P Business Development and Management Module 1 & 2 Oil & Gas Corporate Planning & Strategic Business Management Module 1 & 2
Oil & Gas (E&P) Cost Recovery Mechanism in PSC & SC Operations Workshop Module 1 & 2 Oil & Gas JV Althernative Funding: Carry & Modified Carry Arrangements & Entitlement Crude for Cost Recovery – The Mechanism (2 weeks program)
Oil & Gas Projects Management Workshop Petroleum Industry Supply Chain & Engineering Contracts Management
Procurement Performance Management For The Petroleum Industry Petroleum Industry Projects Analysis & Financing Workshop Module 1 & 2
Petroleum Economics & The Legal Framework of Oil & Gas Fiscal Systems and Engineering Projects Petroleum Exploration & Production Economics
Petroleum Risks & Decision Analysis Petroleum Projects Cost Engineering & Cost Management
Strategic E-Procurement Management Strategic (Engineering and Materials) Procurement & Contract Management
The Legal Framework of Petroleum Exploration & Producing Organization Training Needs Analysis in Petroleum Exploration & Producing Organization
Human Resources Management For The Petroleum Industry Upstream Oil & Gas Business Development Cycle
 World Oil & Gas Fiscal Systems & Analysis of E&P Contract Types

Liquefied Natural Gas Programs:

Accounting, Budgeting & Budgetary Cost Control in LNG Operations Fundamentals of Natural Gas & LNG Industry
Liquefied Natural Gas Operation’s Accounting & Finance LNG Industry Operations & Management Workshop
LNG Marketing & Shipping Operations Natural Gas Purchase & Sales Contract Management

Production Facilities Engineering Programs:

C02 Production and Surface Facilities Corrosion Management In Petroleum Refining Modules 1&2
Commercial Aspects of Crude Oil Marketing Cost Engineering Principles & Practice in the Petroleum Industry
Drilling & Well Completion Practices Drilling Operations Management & Optimization
Gas Lift Design and Operations Workshop HDPE Gas Pipeline Engineering & Distribution System
Introduction To Flow Assurance Offshore Production & Subsea Systems Workshop
Oil and Gas (E&P) Offshore Operations Risk Management Module 1 & 2 Oil & Gas Engineering Project Management Workshop
Oil & Gas Pipeline Engineering Design and Construction Management Oil & Gas Battery Design in Remote Locations
Pumps & Ancillary Equipment Engineering Selection in Oil & Gas Production Pipeline Engineering Production Facilities
Pipeline Design and Hydraulics Pipeline Engineering, Construction, Economics & Project Management
Process Flow Diagram & Piping Instrument Diagrams

Explorations & Production Programs:

Applied Formation Core Analysis Ashphaltence & Wax Control In Oil & Gas Production
Core Analysis—Principles & Applications in Reservoir Exploration Drilling Engineering & Well Completion Practices
FPSO Engineering, Construction & Contract Management Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Exploration, Drilling & Production
Integrated Development & Shale (Tight) Oil & Gas Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy Workshop
Integrated Petroleum Reservoir Evaluation, Field Development & Production Optimization Techniques Natural Gas Production Treatments & Recovery Of Acid Gases
Offshore Engineering Workshop: Drilling, Completion, Fps, Fpso & Subsea Systems Offshore Production & Subsea Systems Workshop
Oil & Gas Production Plant & Facilities Design Oil & Gas Production & Processing Technology
Oil & Gas Production Engineering Petrophysics & Well Logging in Reservoir Evaluation and Management
Petroleum Geology, Geophysics And Petrophysics Modules 1 & 2 Petroleum Reservoir Simulation And Management
Seismic Techniques & Applications in Oil & Gas Exploration Petroleum Prospects & Play Assessment and Evaluation
Pipeline Construction Engineering & Project Management Seismic Applications in Oil & Gas Exploration & Geo-Modelling

Petroleum Engineering & Production Programs:

Corrosion & Corrosion Control in Oil and Gas Production Corrosion Management In Petroleum Refining Modules 1 & 2
Daily Well Management in Oil & Gas Production Oil and Gas Processing & Plant Design Operations (Terrains Arctic And Desert)
Oil & Gas Production Processing & Gas Conditioning PVT Analysis—Principles & Application in Reservoir Management
Reservoir Simulation, Management and Optimization Module 1 & 2 Reservoir Evaluation, Characterization & Reservoir Asset Management Module 1 & 2
Reservoir Simulation and Management Reservoir Rock Mechanics in Oil & Gas Production
Sand Control & Management in Oil & Gas Production Seismic Application In Oil & Gas Exploration & Geo-Modelling
Well Control Operations Water Treatment & Injection In Oil & Gas Production